Guest post by previous INSPIRE New Business of the Year award winners The Typeface Group giving their top 5 reasons for entering business awards!

Whether you win or not, there’re so many ways your business can benefit from entering local business awards.

Here’re our top 5 reasons for putting yourself out there:

1. Press coverageReasons to enter business awards but The Typeface Group 2014 winner of New Business Of The Year.

Even being shortlisted for an award gives you a great opportunity to raise your business profile. Write a press release about your recent nomination and contact the local media or trade press. Newspapers and magazines are always on the look out for new and interesting stories, so make sure your press release is professionally written to help gain cut through (journalists receive 100s of press releases
every day!). Attach hi-res photography to all your email pitches and follow-up with a telephone call. It’s wise to do your research and compile a media list of top targets to send your release to. If you don’t hear back immediately, persevere.

2. Create a talking point

Now you’ve got the press release turn it into a blog for your website and share it via social media. Ask the award organisers for ‘finalist’ or ‘nominee’ avatars for your website, Facebook page or Twitter handle – they’ll be glad for the extra publicity. Use your blog to write about your award journey. Keep it interesting by sharing your personal experiences or thoughts – how it feels to be nominated and why you deserve to win. Take to social media to promote your nomination or win. Connect with other finalists, winners, and the awards host. Retweet them on Twitter and share and like on Facebook to keep your profile raised and your customers updated with your progress. They’ll be keen to see if you come out on top.

3. Network

An awards event is a fantastic opportunity to network. See the event as a chance to speak to a captive audience about your business. As a finalist you’ll have immediate credibility and if there is an event programme your company details will be there for all to see. Don’t forget to take plenty of business cards.

4. Increased credibility

An award win, shortlisting or nomination will give your business a seal of approval. It’s a sign of quality for attracting new customers or reassuring existing ones. It will help you stand out from competitors, offering a way of differentiating your brand and can also act as a third party endorsement.

5. Business review

Completing the application process will encourage you to review your business from a different perspective and maybe consider what your competitors are up to. You may find yourself analysing your business which could identify areas of improvement – something that may be of greater value to your business than the prize itself.

Convinced? Enter here!